Diligence, integrity and gratitude sum up the life philosophy of Yu-lin Lin, the founder of Hung Tai Group. To extol these virtues, the Y. L. Lin Hung Tai Education Foundation established the “Yu-lin Taiwan Contribution Award” to identify and honor individuals or groups who are committed to addressing Taiwan’s social issues and furthering the progress of the country. By celebrating their personal qualities and supporting their causes, this award will inspire others to follow good examples and provide impetus for Taiwan to develop in a positive direction. It is not merely another award, but an engine of progress that, by exemplifying great people, drives the country forward.

II. Prize

The winner of this year’s Taiwan Contribution Award will be selected at the end of year, when they will be awarded a prize of NT$30 million (tax included) and one trophy.

III. Candidate Eligibility

■ The candidate may be an individual or an organization that meets any of the following criteria:
1 . The candidate has achieved substantial accomplishments in dealing with social issues, promoting environmental sustainability, or improving education
2 . The candidate has launched a business or organized an event to advance the public good.
3 . The candidate has effected a breakthrough or has adopted an innovative approach to social issues in addition to persisting in pursuit of their goals.
4 . The candidate has furthered their cause in Taiwan or has left a lasting influence on Taiwan. Any individual or group may be considered as a candidate irrespective of their nationality or residence.

■ The candidate is expected to have the following personal qualities:
Diligence: making continued efforts and involving themselves personally
Integrity: acting out of altruism, pursuing the common good, and ensuring operational and financial transparency
Gratitude: serving the local community and giving back to Taiwan

IV. The Selection Committee

The selection committee consists of 7 and 11 members, with the chair elected among them. The tenure for committee member is two years and all are eligible to be reelected for another term. Among the committee members, only one is an internal member nominated by the Public Trust Consultation Committee, while the rest of the Selection Committee is with no tie with the foundation. Committee members should be prominent figures from various areas of expertise who are held in high esteem and possess a reputable name. Their responsibility is to make the most appropriate choice which best embodies diverse values and thereby maximizes the significance and influence of the award.

Stanley Yen

Chairman of the Alliance Cultural Foundation, Mr. Yan is dedicated to integration of social resources and advancement of cultural development. Cultivating local talents for remote and disadvantaged areas by means of education is his lifework.

Jing-Jyi Wu

Jing-Jyi Wu is professor emeritus at National Chengchi University (NCCU) , the chair of the NCCU Creativity Forum , and chair professor emeritus at National Sun Yat-sen University . He has made significant contribution to the popularization of psychology in Taiwan.

Shen-Yi Lee

An attorney and national policy advisor, Shen-yi Lee now serves as the secretary-general of Dharma Drum Mountain Humanities and Social Improvement Foundation. He established the Consumers’ Foundation of Taiwan to advance consumer rights and is one of the pioneers in public interest in Taiwan.

Jennifer Shen

A celebrated news anchor in Taiwan, Jennifer Shen has long adhered to high media ethical standards in her career. Her professional bearing has earned the trust of the people in Taiwan. She has participated in many public interest activities and helped to raise funds for various worthy causes.

Chi-Chun Liu

Practicing dentist and founder of Taiwan Root Medical Peace Corps. For 22 years, Dr. Chi-Chun Liu has led his team of doctors who provide pro-bono medical services in 47 countries. The team has focused on global humanitarian medical services and disaster and emergency relief. For his selfless efforts, he has been bestowed the Medical Contribution Award and National Public Welfare Award.

I-I Chan

Former print media and TV journalist, I-I Chan is currently the managing director of TVBS News. Her TV program “Discover New Taiwan Step by Step” was awarded the, The Hsing Yun Award for True, Good and Beautiful Media ,and the Education and Culture Presenters award at the Golden Bell Awards.

Ray Chen

President and co-founder of B Current Impact Investment, Ray Chen began in 2007 to engage in the innovation and establishment of Taiwan’s social enterprises with the aim of connecting social entrepreneurs and influential investors.

Steven Chang

The founder of NPO Channel, Steven Chang has used Internet technologies to create a platform for raising funds for NPOs. In addition, he is committed to social innovation and social design.

Shu-Wang Lin

With more than forty years of experience as an attorney, Shu-wang Lin is the attorney-in-charge at Epoch Law Office, chairman of Zhang-xin Asset Management Corporation, and director of the J. S. Lin Education Foundation.

V. The Selection Process

Phase 1:Preliminary Selection
The foundation compiles a list of candidates based on referrals or self-recommendations and conducts preliminary selection based on eligibility and assessment criteria.
Phase 2:Secondary Selection
The foundation assesses and visits the candidates to draw up the shortlist for final selection
Phase 3:Final Selection
The selection committee singles out one winner for that year.
Honoring the Candidate
The foundation holds an award ceremony and press conference to announce the results

VI. Any matters that are not mentioned herein may be addressed publically after revision or supplementation by the Y. L. Lin Hung Tai Education Foundation.