The Founder

  Yu-lin Lin, the founder of Hung Tai Group, was born in Luzhou, New Taipei City, in 1936, the second son in his family. In his formative years, he often saw his father giving back to the community. It was his father’s selfless actions that inspired him to become a man of integrity and gratitude.

  At the age of 24, Lin ran a rice milling business on Bade Road in Taipei City. At six o’clock every morning, he hauled bags of rice from place to place, without exception. His diligence and practical approach to work laid a solid foundation for his business to prosper. In the 1960s, he expanded into the construction business, and in 1975, he established Hung Tai Construction Co. Ltd., which has since made its mark in the industry, a mark which remains with us today.

  For the success that he had achieved over these years, Lin felt deeply grateful to our society, and thus considered setting up a public trust to respond in kind for what he has been blessed to receive. In 2015, at the age 80, he established the “Y. L. Lin Hung Tai Education and Culture Charity Trust” to fulfill the promise he had made to himself, by leaving his property to a public trust. The core purpose of the fund is to support goal-driven students and promote education. It also focuses on culture, charity, medical services, and social justice and makes donations to or sponsors groups that share Lin’s commitment to the public good.

  In 2017, Lin established the Y. L. Lin Hung Tai Education Foundation to nurture talents for Taiwan, to acknowledge those who have contributed to the country, with the goal of bringing the ultimate good to the society.

Our Purpose

Established with an ethos based on the founder’s cherished values, including diligence, integrity and gratitude, the foundation aims to enhance Taiwan’s international competitiveness by rewarding smart innovation and research, developing social education and creating a benevolent society.

Our Core Values


Gratitude is a virtue extoled by the founder and which the foundation places great emphasis on. This quality is what we look for in the young scholars to whom we would consider offering sponsorship for their research on significant Taiwan issues as well as the people who sign up for our talent cultivation programs, the purpose of which is to help people develop the skills that Taiwan needs and to propose solutions to the problems that face humanity.


The foundation shares the founder’s vision for addressing and solving the issues we will face in the future.

Talent Cultivation Programs that Value Upstanding Character

The judging criteria for selecting beneficiaries of the fund corresponds to the ones that the founder has set for recruiting staff in running business. For the cultivation program, we look for people of upstanding character who are just, honest, and have a clear understanding of right and wrong.

What We Do The foundation focuses its business on the following five areas:

1 . Research:
Conducting, promoting and improving research on academic education and social education, as well as research that analyzes and addresses the serious issues of the future.

2 . Education:
Promoting education that focuses on analyzing and addressing the serious issues of the future and supporting forward-looking individuals to achieve excellence and take leadership in our society.

3 . Communication:
Rewarding journalists for their in-depth reports on critical social issues or uplifting reports that motivate or inspire society to develop in a positive direction.

4 . Funding:
Establishing awards and providing grants or subsidies that recipients can use to engage in the business areas listed above independently or in a joint effort with other groups.

5 . Expansion:
Supporting education-related causes that are in line with the foundation’s aims and help advance the public interest.