Recipient of the First Yu-lin Taiwan Contribution Award Announced: Pastor Min-he Liu

The recipient of the first Yu-lin Taiwan Contribution Award was announced during the award ceremony on December 19. A total of 222 individuals and groups participated in the award nomination in 2017. After preliminary and secondary evaluation rounds, the selection committee decided unanimously on the recipient of the year—pastor Min-he Liu, the director general of Operation Dawn who has been dedicated to helping people to quit drugs for 33 years.

Over the past 33 years, pastor Liu, a former drug addict from Hong Kong, has mobilized the resources of a private organization to develop an effective correctional services for drug addicts and has been providing free services to people in need. Under his guidance, scores of drug abusers have successfully got rid of addiction to drug use and, in turn, helped others to deal with their addiction. His dedication to addressing the social issue of drug addiction has had a profound and positive effect on Taiwan. Pastor Liu is indeed a pioneer in providing drug rehabilitation counseling services through a non-government organization.

Drug abuse in schools has become prevalent and thus a very serious social issue in Taiwan. Although helping people to overcome their addiction is a formidable challenge, pastor Liu has never faltered in his resolve to tackle this issue with practical methods. For years, he has given compassion and support to drug addicts, and has never abandoned his efforts. He has shared his experiences with many people both here and abroad, though he is more concerned with the well-being of others than the limelight. It is for those reasons that he has been recognized by the foundation as an exemplary individual who is committed to addressing Taiwan’s social issues and furthering the progress of the society.

By presenting him with this award, the foundation demonstrates its support for pastor Liu’s sustained efforts in providing drug rehabilitation services for more people. The foundation will continue to organize the award to honor and encourage people like Liu who are committed to addressing Taiwan’s social issues and furthering the progress of the country. In acknowledging the award recipients, the foundation will continue to instill more positive energy into our society.